Making of sliced tomato luffa soap

Today we are making sliced tomato luffa soap. The tomato powder used is thought to improve skin texture and protect cells from free radical damage. Crafting this soap takes six simple steps: Prep.

Base. Additives. Mold. Package. Label. Let’s get started!

Gather the ingredients and equipment. Create a safe workspace that is clean and secluded from children & pets. We recommend wearing protective clothing such as long sleeves, an apron, goggles, gloves, a mask and a hair net. Cut thirty-two ounces of soap into small cubes. Weigh twenty-four ounces of soap, and place into a microwave safe glass container.

Tomato Soap

Ready Tomato Soap. Image by DOBRE MYLO™

We are selecting a microwave to melt the soap, but you could alternatively use a crock-pot, double boiler or saucepan on a stovetop using low heat. Melt the soap slowly until liquid. Avoid boiling as it may impact performance.

In this recipe we will be adding Vine Ripe Tomato Fragrance Oil, Stained Glass Santa Red Liquid Color, and tomato powder. Measure and add twenty-one milliliters of fragrance oil, eight drops of color, and one teaspoon of tomato powder. The tomato powder will not completely dissolve which will add some natural speckles. Place a luffa slice in each mold, and pour the red soap base over it leaving a 1/4 inch of space at the top. Spritz with alcohol and let completely cool. For this recipe, we will repeat steps two, three, and four for our green layer of soap.

Weigh and melt eight ounces of soap. To incorporate green color, add 1/8 of the soap color cube to the melted soap. Stir until fully blended. When the green soap reaches 130 degrees Fahrenheit; it is ready to pour into the mold. Spritz the red cooled soap and fully fill each cavity with the green soap. Spritz with alcohol to pop any soap bubbles.

When the soap is fully cooled, unmold. Detergent Free Soap may need to sit for a few days to fully cure. In humid weather conditions, it must be packaged immediately to avoid sweating.

We have chosen to wrap this soap in plastic wrap with a raffia tie. We recommend labeling that includes the product name, size, company name, contact information, directions for use, and ingredients in descending order of predominance. Get creative; here are a few labels we made for inspiration. Share your soap with others! Give it to family or friends.

It makes a perfect teacher gift, bridal shower favor, or gift basket item. You can even start your own business making products like this.

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