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Hello and welcome to games like Starcraft 2 I made a list of games that are still relevant today, without historical context, and I tried to prioritize science fiction over a fantasy. But still you will find few fantasy games here, because they are simply amazing. Universe at War: Earth Assault This game is the closest thing to Starcraft gaming style in terms of storytelling. Unique looking aliens have invaded the Earth and they are raping and pillaging everything. Ok, I don’t know about the raping part, I might made that up, but who cares, our planet is in danger, and a little bit of propaganda always helps. You can play standard story mode, you can create your own scenArios or you can declare war to your friend or sister. Universe at War is well rated game and probably a must try for every Starcraft fan. Command & Conquer 4 Earth is in danger again and it’s up to you to help mankind fight epic war against alien forces. You can play the campaign solo or you can join forces with your mom and play co-op multiplayer mode. That option is really cool.

Almost as a cyborg bounty hunter riding a velociraptor riding a fire-breathing shark cool. Yeah. Planetary Annihilation: Titans Do you know a book called The Little Prince? Well, you will have a little planet here too. That’s the end of similarities. Titans is the huge stand-alone expansion of Planetary Annihilation game, which includes the base game and adds tons of new features. So if you bought this game without this expansion you should be mad. And people are, believe me. So, in Titans you can play the game alone or dive into multiplayer battles. Reviews are mostly positive, so I think you can give it a try. But better wait for a sale, because it’s not cheap. Warcraft 3 Warcraft series started in a year 1994 and it looked like that. Not impressive, but at that time it was jewel of technology, amazing game with constantly evolving concept of Real Time Strategy. Warcraft 3 came out in a 2002 and it still looks amazing.

Not long ago, in 2018, Blizzard issued an update for it, supporting widescreen monitors and making it look like a new game. Seriously, look at it – it was released 16 years ago. You know what else was released 16 years ago? Total War Medieval. Look at those flat units. It was actually OK in 2002. So, Warcraft 3 is really the closest thing to Starcraft 2: the same unit control, same building style, upgrade mechanics, it even has matchmaking system and other cool stuff. Main difference – it’s not sci-fi, it’s fantasy and it has heroes – powerful units that can gain levels by killing others. And everything rotates about them. Never played? I envy you, please, give it a try. Forged Battalion At the end of 21st century the effects of climate change have devastated the world and military force called “the Collective” has spread across the globe. As part of the resistance group, you have to join a fight.

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