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Mercenaries Saga 2 Inspired by the classic strategy RPGs, this second title to the Mercenaries Saga does well enough to scratch your tactical itch. Packed with the quirks and cliches of the genre, this turn-based strategy has no intentions of reinventing the proverbial wheel. But for its price, it becomes a perfect substitute for fans looking to fill in the void left by the beloved Final Fantasy Tactics. Playing as the Order of the Silver Eagle’s captain, Claude, you must venture around the kingdom to find an atidote for the Prince’s poison. Lead your troops up North, and help them fight against the men and beasts that stand in your way. With its lush pixel visuals and intuitive UI, the game nails its target aesthetics, giving us a feel of the classics while bringing something new to the table. While story seems a bit thin, and the same can be said for its strategic mechanics, it succeeds in becoming a friendly introduction for strategy starters on the console. More friendly games here:

With an addicting gameplay, and a low, low price, this game is a steal. And it has a PlayScore of 7.89. 6. Quell Reflect The Nintendo eShop is also home to some super interesting games. F K Digital’s “ice puzzle” game takes you to an interesting zen-like experience. This keeps you on your toes as you lead every droplet of water collect every bead of glass found in each level. You might think it’s gonna be easy, but as you go along it’s 100 levels, it gets more and more complex. Using the 3DS’ stylus, navigate your way through each of these perilous levels with a mind as relaxed as the tide. Sure, it gets difficult in the long run, but the game’s tranquil pacing doesn’t really stress you out. In a few minutes, you’ll be asking for more droplets to guide rather than throwing your 3DS out of frustration. For only 4 dollars or less, enjoy a relaxing puzzle experience that requires no hair-pulling emotions and other stress-inducing activities. It receives a PlayScore of 7.95 5. Code Name S.T.E.A.M. From the makers of the Fire Emblem, Intelligent Systems brings new faces to the 3DS’ turn-based strategy lineup.

Straying from the usual JRPG style, their newest IP opts for a more western look. Of course, with their superpowered theme, the cel-shaded artstyle is totally appropriate. Join the Agents of STEAM as they power through alien-like forces in standard, comic book fashion. With their oddball cast of characters, hilarity is an expected side-effect. Set in a fictional steampunk London, navigate through their narrative and encounter familiar names–like Abraham, Peter Pan, Tom Sawyer and more–all intertwined by a great civil war. Cloaked in their wacky suits and voiced by notable pop icons, the game is an absolute joy to unravel. Memorable as their characters may be, the game has received mixed reviews for its high difficulties and convoluted plot. However, its rewarding mix of action, turn-based strategy, and utter silliness should be enough to balance the weights.

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